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Why choose a home inspector who can’t perform a pool and spa inspection? When choosing your swimming pool inspector, it is important to choose one who is certified. Our knowledgeable team is both certified and trained to provide a thorough inspection of your pool or spa setting from top to bottom. From plaster to electrical and everything in between, we’re here to ensure your safety.​

Professional Real Estate Inspection Services inspectors operate according to National Swimming Pool Foundation® (NSPF) and Certified Pool Operator® (CPO) standards. Our inspection includes an overview of the exterior and all visible areas of the pool. This includes the shell/coping and pool equipment (heater, pump, filter, and electrical components).

Even if your pool or spa appears safe and in good working order, Professional Real Estate Inspection Services inspectors are trained to detect potential issues that could end up costing you a fortune. Our goal is to ensure that a home buyer/seller knows the current condition of a swimming pool or spa and whether it needs extensive repairs, updates, or replacement parts. 

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Infrared (thermal imaging) is just one of the many advanced technologies we use to allow our inspectors to show property owners what they otherwise couldn't see using conventional inspection methods.

Infrared inspection can identify and document moisture intrusion, energy loss, and even unexpected hot spots. The FLIR Thermography Camera creates an image based on temperature differentials that will indicate present deficiencies.

For certain inspections, we include infrared complimentary to our clients. The following inspections and our custom packages always have infrared included:

  • New Construction Phase 3: Final Inspections

  • Home Warranty Inspections

  • Condo/Townhome Inspections

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The inspector tests the interior plumbing to ensure everything is draining properly and not slow or backing up;  then a visual inspection of the lid and tank.

If it is an aerobic, we test the pump and make sure the heads are working. We also test the scum/sledge and water levels with a sludge judge. Lastly, we do a visual inspection of the drain field to look for any signs of issues.

Please note, we do not pump, do die testing, or any invasive inspection of the interior of the tank/drain field.

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Don't Gamble On Your Future Investment

Do you have concerns about those brick cracks that appear on the exterior walls of the home or that the foundation of the home may be settling? Professional Real Estate Inspection Services can help you make a well informed decision with our Foundation Elevation Plotting Service.

Our elevation plotting service will give you useful information to plan your next steps. Based on the inspection results, you may need to invest more money than just the purchase of the home.

* Note: Our Structural Engineering team provides a full scope of services to suit your needs.

They can assist with your Foundation Inspections, Foundation Design, Structural Plan, Load Bearing Wall, Remodel/Addition, Drafting, and Consulting. See: Foundation Inspections with Engineer Reports


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