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Buyer’s (Residential Home Inspection)

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Residential Home Inspection


Buying A Home Is One Of The Biggest Investment You’ll Ever Make.

Using a Less Experienced Inspector

Could be your Most Expensive Regret!



Experience Is Not Expensive

It’s Priceless!!


** (Important Home Inspection Tips)


When purchasing a new home, looks can often be deceiving. Hidden costly problems can be missed in the excitement of the brief house tours before the real estate closing.

Why is a Buyer Inspection critical? You don’t want to be surprised by problems after you move in. Even if you agree to an “As Is” contract with the seller in a competitive market of house shortages, you must know about any significant issues and the cost of repairing them. Get the best inspection available, at competitive market rates, from Professional Real Estate Inspection Services. Our inspectors are licensed CPI (Certified Professional Inspectors) and can take care of you with experience and confidence. Whether the house you’re buying is big or small, new or over 100 years old, we’ll help you understand its condition and how the systems operate. Our goal is for you to be confident about buying your home, and certain about anything it needs in terms of repairs (if any), and even maintenance.

In a home inspection, the inspector will examine the entire property, inside and out, looking for any signs of damage, neglected maintenance, and safety hazards. For example, he will look at the roof to make sure that there are no missing shingles or weak points. He will inspect all electrical and plumbing components to check for operation. For a more thorough look at the scope of a home inspection, follow the link below.

After the inspector has completed the inspection, he will write up his findings in his report. In the report, your inspector will describe the state of all house systems, including any issues to address. In some cases, he may recommend that an expert be consulted to make a closer examination of some aspects of the property.

It is important to hire an independent inspector with as much experience as possible. If the seller recommends a particular inspector, you should instead consider hiring someone else, since you want to make sure that the inspector is looking out for the interests of all parties involved in the deal. On the other hand, your realtor may recommend inspectors, which is customary as the buyer’s realtor should be representing your best interests, and they are required to give you a list of at least three inspectors, to be sure that the final selection is yours.

It is best to make sure that you are on the premises when the home inspection is being performed. This way, the inspector can explain any issues that he may discover to you in person. Also, if you have questions or concerns, you can ask them directly to the inspector, rather than having to write them down and ask them later.

However, this does not mean that you should crowd the inspector or follow him around the whole time. He needs to have enough room to focus on the job. A proper home inspection requires great attention to detail, so you should avoid distracting the inspector and potentially causing him to overlook a serious issue.


What Should Be In Your Buyer’s Residential Inspection Report?

Your inspection report is basically what you’re paying for when you hire a home inspector. The results of your inspector’s thoroughness and experience (or lack of each) will be in your report, which is the documentation you need as a reference to the condition of the home you are buying, as well as any issues of future concern or needing immediate attention. The report, and the inspector’s review of the report with you, are also simply an important time for learning about the home and all of its systems.


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