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Commercial Inspection Service Pricing

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Easy Flat Rate Pricing

We believe pricing should be simple and transparent. Our prices are based on the timeline of the project and number of inspectors needed to complete the project in that timeline. For example, typically a 5,000 sq ft office building will take approximately 3-4 hours to inspect with an additional 1-2 hours of report writing, the quote for this project would be $900. However, a 300 unit multi-family complex would require multiple inspectors with multiple days of inspections, plus a day of report writing.

  • Full-Day Rate (Per Inspector) - $900 (up to 8 hours)
  • Half-Day Rate (Per Inspector) - $500 (up to 4 hours)

Our simple transparent pricing is listed directly on our website. Our administrative team provides the client with an effortless and seamless inspection process and our inspectors are trained and certified, meaning a skillful, well educated, thoroughly prepared professional inspector is always on-site.


We are headquartered in Houston, TX. However, we service the surrounding cities. When we travel to a commercial inspection site we charge the Full-Day Rate or the Half-Day Rate depending on the length of travel.

Should overnight stay be required (multiple day project) we do calculate hotel fees and meals into the inspection cost.



These optional services are not included in the Full-Day Rate or the Half-Day Rate, but can be added for a flat fee to the inspection project.

  • Pest Inspection + 1 Report

  • Structural Engineer Services | Price Quoted Per Project

  • Phase 1 & 2 | Price Quoted Per Project

  • Insurance Investigations

  • Maintenance and Operation Plan Overview

  • Replacement and Maintenance Cost Assessments


  • We require a 50% deposit of the total inspection cost be paid upfront in order to secure the inspection date. Please note that up to 50% of the deposit is non-refundable if cancellation occurs for any reason.

  • We require that payment is made in full before or at the time of the inspection.

  • We do not offer net payment options.

  • We do not offer defer to closing payment options.



These reporting types are with all intents and purposes the same and the terms interchangeable. We have adopted both guidelines to best serve our clients’ needs.


Note: Price range varies greatly depending on the size of the job.

Please call for exact pricing or  Request A Quote


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