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HVAC Inspections

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Inspecting HVAC Systems

 Your home’s heating and cooling system (HVAC) provides comfortable living for you and your family. Your home inspector will open access panels and visually inspect and test system details so you know that the entire system is working properly and conceals no hidden defects that may be potential hazards. Problems can range from a clogged air filter that needs to be cleaned or replaced to insects building nests inside a condensation line.


Your inspector will survey and inspect:

  1. Installed heating equipment.
  2. Vent systems, flues, and chimneys.
  3. Cooling central and through-wall equipment.
  4. Distribution systems.
  5. Energy source and connections
  6. Condensate drainage
  7. Conditioned air distribution systems

Overall, your home inspector is looking to identify material defects. A defect may be a repair, maintenance or improvement consideration with or without a safety association.

Your written report will include energy sources, heating and cooling systems (HVAC). The report lists any defects or potential hazards, and their level of severity. A professional report will also include suggestions for remediation and repair of noted defects.

As thorough as this inspection seems, your home inspector is not required to check fixtures and systems outside of basic heating and cooling.


  1. Interiors of flues or chimneys that are not readily accessible.
  2. Heat exchangers.
  3. Humidifiers or dehumidifiers.
  4. Electronic air filters.
  5. Solar space heating systems.
  6. Determine heat supply adequacy or distribution balance.
  7. Inspect electronic air filters.
  8. Determine cooling supply adequacy or distribution balance.
  9. Inspect window air conditioning units
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