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Luxury Home Inspection & Pricing

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Typical Features of Luxury Homes


The pricing for Luxury homes is different than a normal residential home and may take four or more hours to complete. They run an average of 4,000-10,000 square feet in size, cost $1.5 million or more, and possess many additional amenities and features. It is not unusual to find a luxury home with a swimming pool, sauna, spa, exercise room, wine cellar, high-end appliances, security systems, several heating, and cooling systems, multiple fireplaces, and more extravagant features.


Inspecting Luxury Homes


In a luxury home, most home systems, such as the HVAC and electrical systems, have more components and often more intricate technology than a typical home. These can be more difficult to both locate and inspect. For example, a typical home can have up to three electrical panels and around 40 circuits whereas a prestigious home can have multiple times more—more than 20 panels and as many as 200+ circuits.


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