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New Construction Inspections

If you’re in the process of building a new home, you should avoid waiting until the home is finished to have it inspected, otherwise it could lead to very costly and time-consuming repairs.Instead,
you should call on Henson Home Inspections to perform your new construction inspections in phases; these phases will prevent you from running into any major problems along the way.


New Construction - Phase I: Foundation Pre-Pour Inspection $250
New Construction - Phase II: Pre-Drywall Inspection $250
New Construction - Phase III: Final Inspection $350


Phase One – The Foundation Pre-Pour Inspection

This inspection is performed after trenches or footers have been dug and all metal and pipe casings and/or liners have been put into place, but before pouring the concrete which becomes the foundation.

• All known plan measurements of depth and width of footings are verified.
• All metal rebar, rebar elevators, beams, tension cables, etc., are inspected for proper placement and connections.
• All known pipe and sleeve measurements are verified for proper placement.
• The inspector will check the vapor barriers for any penetrations and for foreign objects anywhere the concrete will go that could leave a void and cause deterioration.



Phase Two – The Pre-Drywall Inspection

This inspection is performed prior to drywall or other interior wall covering being installed.

• Inspect for defective, warped, missing and misplaced framing members
• Inspect for proper wood grades, placement, span measurement, notching, borings, and truss usage.
• Inspect anchor bolts, fire blocking and truss ties
• Inspect framing fasteners and connectors for proper schedules
• Visually inspect the electrical wires and plumbing installed through the framing system including proper nail stop protection
• Visually check the HVAC rough-ins and duct conditions
• Visually check Air Handler condensation drain and overflow drain lines
• Check exterior walls, sheeting seal, wall penetrations, windows and sealants
• Visually check exterior electrical and lighting fixtures



Phase Three – The Final Inspection

The final inspection is a comprehensive inspection and it is to verify that all Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing systems are installed and operating as intended including, but not limited to:

• Ensuring that the home meets or exceeds all requirements of the Standard of Practice as delineated by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC)
• Inspect the Structure including: Foundation, Grading and Drainage, Roof Covering, Roof Structure and Attic, Walls (interior and exterior), Ceilings and Floors, Doors, Windows, Fireplace/Chimney, Porches,   Decks, Driveways, Carports
• Inspect Electrical Systems including: Service Entrance & Panels, Branch Circuits, Outlets, Switches, Fixtures, Disconnects, GFCI's
• Inspect Heating, Venting and Air Conditioning Systems, Ducts
• Inspect Water Supply System, Fixtures, Drains, Wastes Vents, and Water Heating Equipment.
• Inspect built in Appliances, and other Optional Systems



Save More Money!

* Phase I, II, and III packages start at $600 (depending on the size of the home) and include up to 3 visits.

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