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Pest, Rodent & WDI Inspection

Professional Real Estate Inspection Services

Pest, Rodent & WDI Inspection (FREE)

This is a “visual only” inspection of the readily accessible areas of the home and contains valuable information on the conditions of the property.

This inspection includes a visual inspection, outlining if there are previous (or active) signs of pest entry into the home, including but not limited to, rodents, birds, roaches, and termites. (Included in every Home Inspection)



WDI-Termite Inspection (with REPORT) ($125+)

The WDI inspection report will indicate if the structure contains wood-destroying pests or conditions deemed likely to lead to wood-destroying pests.



Wood-Destroying Insect Reports for Real Estate Transactions

Square FootagePrice + TaxTotal
0-2400 Sq. Ft.125 + 10.31$135.31

2400-3400 Sq. Ft.

145 + 11.96$156.96

3400-4400 Sq. Ft.

165 +13.62$178.62

4400-5400 Sq. Ft.

185+ 15.73$200.73


Note: If the house is on a Pier and Beam Foundation ADD $100 to the prices listed above.


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