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Pricing: What Cost Should I Expect?

When hiring a Licensed Professional Inspector you’re hiring an advocate, someone with your interests in mind, to give you their expert opinion on the condition of the house you desire to be your home. When it comes to inspections, their expertise matters – as with most things – you get what you pay for.

This Section Provides The Customer What They Can Generally Expect To Pay, Eliminating Any Undisclosed Cost Surprises.

Home Inspection Pricing


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Prices vary depending on the square footage of the home and various features apart of the home.

(Spas, Swimming Pools, Irrigation Systems, Septic, Wells, etc.)

Additional Cost

  • Pier and Beam Foundation - $75
  • Additional Trip (for incomplete inspections) – $150
  • Re-inspection Fee (to verify repairs) – $100

Most inspections take between three-four hours and can be scheduled for your convenience. Please allow 1-2 days’ notice.

Because our fee is independent of any property transaction, you are assured that we are working exclusively and objectively on your behalf.

*Fees are due at time of inspection

Prices effective 10/1/2019







Phase Inspection Definitions


Phase I, II, and III packages start at $620 (depending on the size of the home) and include up to 3 visits.


Phase 1 - Foundation

The foundation inspection is one of the most important to schedule.

Concrete slab - this phase of the inspection is done after the exterior foundation walls are finished and the plumbing rough hyphen ends are installed, however before the concrete slab is poured.

Basement - in this phase of the inspection we come out after the walls of the form are poured in and before they backfill. It is extremely important that this inspection is done before they backfill.

Crawlspace – A crawlspace is simply a basement that you cannot stand up in. This phase of the inspection is done after the foundation is poured but before backfilling and framing begin.


Phase 2 - Pre-Drywall

This phase of the inspection is done which involves inspecting the electrical, plumbing, he, and framing. We usually perform this inspection 123 days before the contractor hangs the drywall.

Note: All other inspections above must be performed before this phase.


Phase 3 - Final Home Inspection

This phase of the inspection is done after the building process is finished. This is when the buyer has a walk-through inspection with the builder about a week or so before the closing of the home takes place.



Single Family Homes

Single family homes are one unit dwelling structures. A single family detached home has open space on all four sides and is not attached to any other structure. A single family attached home is separated from other structures with walls that are extended from the ground to the roof.


This Section Provides The Customer What They Can Generally Expect To Pay, Eliminating Any Undisclosed Cost Surprises.


Price Range: Starting at $350

Single Home

1-2000 sq.ft. Starting from $350

Single Home

2001-2500 sq.ft. Starting at $425

Single Home

2501-3000 sq.ft. Starting at $460

Single Home

3001-5000 sq.ft. Starting at $490

Single Home

5501-6000 Sq.ft. Starting at $680

Single Home

6001-6500 Sq.ft. Starting at $730

Single Home

6501-7000 sq.ft. Starting at $780
Inspecting Single Family Homes

The Home Inspection is a visual, non-invasive inspection of the various systems and components in the Property, The Inspection is Not to identify the normal wear and tear to re-negotiate the purchase contracts. The purpose is to identify material defects and the condition of the property at the time of the inspection. Material defects include structural, life and safety defects or defects that may be expensive to remedy.

This Inspection is also to inform Existing Home Owners and First Time Investors of some of the Operational and Maintenance Considerations of the Established Property.


 Luxury Home Inspection Pricing

The pricing for Luxury homes is different than a normal residential home and may take four or more hours to complete. They run an average of 4,000-10,000 square feet in size, cost $1.5 million or more, and possess many additional amenities and features. It is not unusual to find a luxury home with a swimming pool, sauna, spa, exercise room, wine cellar, high-end appliances, security systems, several heating, and cooling systems, multiple fireplaces, and more extravagant features.

In a luxury home, most home systems, such as the HVAC and electrical systems, have more components and often more intricate technology than a typical home. These can be more difficult to both locate and inspect. For example, a typical home can have up to three electrical panels and around 40 circuits whereas a prestigious home can have multiple times more—more than 20 panels and as many as 200+ circuits.

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 Estate Homes With Multiple Buildings Pricing

Although similar, the pricing for Estate homes are different than the inspection of a Luxury home. The sheer size of the estate alone is much more advance, which I specialize in. Whereas a smaller-home inspection can be completed in just a couple of hours, estate inspections may take one to two days to complete. It is a much more advanced and elaborate process.

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