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Service & Confidence

Professional Real Estate Inspection Services

Service & Confidence

Don’t take a risk with a decision as important as your future home.

Keep in mind that the home inspection service is one of the biggest hurdles to clear in a real estate transaction. More sales fall apart at the home inspection than at any other point in the home selling process. It makes sense to be aware of what can cause your sale to end abruptly so you can avoid that happening!

Our inspectors are certified to assess all of a home’s systems, including electrical, plumbing, and structural. To ensure we meet all your needs, we also offer additional services such as mold, pool, lawn sprinkler system and chimney inspections that can be added to your inspection package at a discounted rate.

Homebuyers and sellers can look to our Licensed Professional Real Estate Inspectors for an honest and detailed assessment of a home’s condition. Our Professional Inspection Team has been carefully screened and selected from your community. So they’re more than good at what they do. They’re also your friends and neighbors.

Whether you’re a home buyer, seller, or homeowner, you can look forward to receiving an honest and detailed assessment of the home’s condition so you can move forward confidently and with peace of mind.


Competence Provides Confidence

Competence is important because it is inextricably tied to our clients’ confidence in our service. For customers, competence is a signal that lets them know that the inspector they’re working with has the requisite skills and abilities to complete their transaction or resolve their issue. And our Written Guarantee provides our customers with Peace of Mind.


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We understand that time is limited — especially during the escrow process. We can work with tight timetables and typically complete a service call within 48 hours of your call. Moreover, we can often provide a detailed report of our findings on the same day of the inspection.

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