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Single Family Homes

Professional Real Estate Inspection Services

Single Family Homes

Single family homes are one unit dwelling structures. A single family detached home has open space on all four sides and is not attached to any other structure. A single family attached home is separated from other structures with walls that are extended from the ground to the roof.

This Section Provides The Customer What They Can Generally Expect To Pay, Eliminating Any Undisclosed Cost Surprises.

Price Range: Starting at $350

Homes 1 to 2000 sqft

Starting at $350

Homes 2001 to 2500 sqft


Homes 2501 to 3000 sqft


Homes 3001 to 3500 sqft


Homes 3501 to 4000 sqft


Homes 4001 to 4500 sqft


Homes 4501 to 5000 sqft


Homes 5001 to 5500 sqft


Homes 5501 to 6000 sqft


Homes 6001 to 6500 sqft


Homes 6501 to 7000 sqft



Inspecting Single Family Homes


The Home Inspection is a visual, non-invasive inspection of the various systems and components in the Property, The Inspection is Not to identify the normal wear and tear to re-negotiate the purchase contracts. The purpose is to identify material defects and the condition of the property at the time of the inspection. Material defects include structural, life and safety defects or defects that may be expensive to remedy.

This Inspection is also to inform Existing Home Owners and First Time Investors of some of the Operational and Maintenance Considerations of the Established Property.


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