What You Can Expect

Professional Real Estate Inspection Services


What You Can Expect

Your inspection report results will give you the basis for making an informed decision.

  • Power when bargaining knowing the true value of the property
  • Knowledge of fair pricing
  • Ability to negotiate terms for any repairs or remediation




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Text Box: Before you sell your home one of the smartest things you can do is get it inspected. This is the only way you can be sure that there is nothing significantly wrong with the property you are selling. It also gives you a chance to fix any home inspection issues before you put the home up on the market. Knowing how to prepare for a home inspection is one of the critical elements in making sure you avoid problems with your sale. Without a doubt, the buyer of your home will do their own home inspection, so it only makes sense to correct any known issues before a for sale sign hits your lawn!














Inspection Checklist

Every home has problems,

Understanding those problems makes the difference.



This diagram is for information purposes only and includes components that may (or may not) be accessible during a home inspection.





Below is a list of various components a homeowner might need to think about as it relates to components found both inside and outside a home.