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Foundation Elevation Mapping

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Elevation Mapping


Do you have concerns about those brick cracks that appear on the exterior walls of the home or that the foundation of the home may be settling? Our elevation inspection service (Pier & Beam or Slab Foundations) will give you useful information to plan your next steps. Based on the inspection results, you may need to invest more money than just the purchase of the home.

As the name suggests, a foundation inspection is when a licensed inspector checks your house’s foundation to ensure it is structurally sound. There are three types of foundation options: Slab, Basement, and Pier and Beam Foundations (AKA Crawlspace). The inspector will check inside and outside the home for signs of damage, such as cracks, bowed walls, or slants.

* Note: Our Structural Engineering team provides a full scope of services to suit your needs.

* Note: Price can vary with larger homes (3000+ SQ.FT.)

* Note: ADD $150 for Pier & Beam Structural Foundation Inspections


Foundation Investigation with Structural Engineer Report 

We can assist with your Foundation Inspections, Foundation Design, Structural Plan, Load Bearing Wall, Addition, Drafting, and Consulting.

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